Esthec is the preferred decking choice for an increasing number of boat owners and shipyards. It is a strong and solid material based on natural components, fibers, color pigments, and fillers. Esthec is simply an ideal boat decking option for the eco-conscious sailor.


Esthec is a thermo-set product which signifies that it has an extremely low expansion coefficient. That means that the material is ideal when boating in warm climates, as it remains pleasant to walk on. Extensive testing has also showed Esthec not to budge after years of use even in the harshest conditions.

Esthec offers endless design possibilities

Esthec is available in numerous colors, shapes, and forms. It is the perfect decking option for the design-oriented sailor looking for that special extra touch. In addition to its aesthetic possibilities, Esthec is water resistant: it does not absorb any water, algae, or other organic materials.

Stunning and safe deck with minimal maintenance

Esthec keep its good grip even in wet conditions. This makes the material not only stunning, but also a safe option for the modern sailor. Another upside is the minimal maintenance and cleaning that is required. 

Esthec manufacturing processes generate zero waste, making it one of the most eco-friendly decking materials available.  

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