Scandinavian Teak Deck’s vision is to maintain and strengthen its position as one of the world’s premier yacht decking companies.


Manufacturing high-quality yacht decks for sailboats and motor yachts has always been at the core of our business. Scandinavian Teak Deck is situated in Terjärv, Finland, but we provide our yacht decking services throughout all geographies.


Our industry clients are all world-renowned brands cherished by seafarers globally. However, a significant part of our operations is still made up from refit and repair works on old motor- and sailboats. The majority of our projects have been concentrated in Europe, but we are also servicing clients elsewhere, for example in the USA, Chile, the Philippines, Antigua etc.


Scandinavian Teak Deck strives to be a most reliable partner. Particular attention is therefore placed on quality metrics to ensure first-rate end products.

Our skilled craftsmen are very accustomed to collaborating on project implementations, and we remain most happy to discuss any boat decking needs you may have.


Modern building techniques, materials and international engagements require a skilled, dedicated, and flexible staff.

The broad expertise of our employees is without a doubt our main competitive advantage in this global yachting market.

About us

Scandinavian Teak Decks vision is to maintain- and strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading yacht decking companies