Flexiteek is a high-quality decking material that mimics the characteristics of traditional teak decks exceptionally well. Flexiteek 2G is made from UV-stabilized PVC that rejects dirt, maintains its color, and is more than 30% lighter compared to first-generation synthetic deck material alternatives.

Plank options

Flexiteek boat decking comes in 11 plank colors and black, grey, or white caulking. The standard Flexiteek 2G plank dimension is 45 mm (incl. 5mm seam) wide but is also available in other dimensions. The same goes for margin boards that come in sizes ranging from 45 to 125 mm wide. Please take a look at the Flexiteek website for more information.

Enjoy safe sailing with Flexiteek 2G

Flexiteek does not get slippery when wet. Neither does it get as hot as other synthetic deck alternatives, making it well-suited for boating in high temperatures. Another great feature is that Flexiteek does not crack nor leave splinters. It also isolates sound, making it comfortable to stay below deck whilst out sailing.

Easy to maintain and environmentally friendly

Flexiteek does not require sealing or ongoing maintenance. All parts of the deck are welded together, making the surface completely waterproof and solid. Oil, fuel, red wine, and other stains will come off by rubbing with water and soap. Small bumps and dents can be fixed easily with light sanding.

About us

Scandinavian Teak Decks vision is to maintain- and strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading yacht decking companies