Palma de Mallorca service point

Mallorca is one of the most significant yachting and refit destinations in the world.


Scandinavian Teak Deck Spain S.L. has been serving its Spanish customers out of Palma de Mallorca since 2019. The Spanish entity has STP as its home base and provide complete teak decking services to all clients regardless of hull type, deck size, or refit location. 


The Spanish refit crew consists of experienced craftsmen specialized in re-caulking, deck removal, deck installation, and deck levelling jobs. Furthermore is high-quality PVC foam also offered as a sub-decking solution. 


The process for replacing a worn-out teak deck in Spain follows the same procedure as carrying-out refits elsewhere. Scandinavian Teak Deck Spain S.L. will initially arrange a technician to come and digitize the deck surface areas. Thereafter will the new deck be prefabricated in Finland, and finally sent back to Spain for installation by the local crew. Scandinavian Teak Deck Spain S.L. offers standard industry-wide warranties on all its deliveries. A 10-year warranty is granted for the caulking compound used for re-seaming existing teak decks. 


We strive to be the most reliable boat decking supplier in Mallorca and the rest of Spain. Contracting our Spanish entity will always grant access to same materials and design capabilities, as when dealing with the parent company directly. 


Scandinavian Teak Deck Spain S.L. is managed by Michael Falther, who has more than 30 years of experience from teak decking work. Please reach out to Michael to discuss your decking needs if you plan to carry out your project in Spain. 

About us

Scandinavian Teak Decks vision is to maintain- and strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading yacht decking companies