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Scandinavian Teak Deck has a long history in replacing worn out teak decks. We offer a complete set of services, managing the project from start to finish or running the deck refit in close co-operation with the owner, captain, or crew on certain parts of the refit. Our refit clients are found throughout the key leisure boating geographies.


Keeping the deck in great condition is important to the general state of the yacht. Protecting the boat from water and corrosion is for example vital in preserving the value of the vessel. However, not every situation requires a complete deck replacement. If there is still enough wood left, it may be advisable to simply have the seams re-caulked and battens lightly sanded. This will give an old teak deck a fresh golden look.


The typical deck refit process begins with the owner or captain approaching us with a bid request to build their new yacht deck. After collecting basic information about the project, as highlighted hereunder, we will get back with our offer.


Information needed:

• type of services that are requested
• where the yacht is located
• planned schedule for the project
• type of decking material incl. plank dimensions
• any specific design features that should be taken into consideration
• other aspects relevant to the project


The yacht should be under cover during the installation of the new deck.

• The minimum temperature must be at least +12 degrees centigrade for the glues to attach properly.
• Any non-removable supporting construction is not permitted on the yacht whilst the new deck is installed. It should be easy to access all the deck areas.
• It must be safe to work on the yacht, making necessary scaffolding available.


It is also possible to carry-out the refit in Ostrobothnia, Finland. By sailing the yacht to our home base, we can arrange inside storage through our partners, can all the repairs be taken care of during the winter. 

If possible, please use the attached template when submitting details about your decking needs. Pictures of the current deck are particularly appreciated.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have on our refit and deck repair services!

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Scandinavian Teak Decks vision is to maintain- and strengthen its position as one of the World’s leading teak decking companies

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Scandinavian Teak Decks vision is to maintain- and strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading yacht decking companies