Scandinavian Teak Deck provides equal service, warranty, and quality to our refit and new-build clients. Our vast experience in building decks to hundreds of small and large yachts has shaped us into becoming agile, cost-effective, and fast with our deck deliveries.


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Our standard services for replacing a worn-out teak deck are:

• Digitization of deck surfaces.

• Prefabrication of the new  yacht deck.

• Installation of the prefabricated yacht deck.


Additional services that are offered to our clients include:

• Removal of the old deck.

• Mounting and re-mounting of deck fittings.

• Levelling the deck surface.

• Re-caulking and sanding of teak decks.

• Fabrication of cap rails from solid hardwood.

• Maintenance of any other exterior wood works.


Our standard process for replacing decks is:

• Scandinavian Teak Deck sends a technician to take measurements of deck areas.

• Based on the measurements, a digital drawing is made and converted into plywood templates.

• The new deck is prefabricated from these templates in our facilities according to the client’s material and design specifications.

• The finished deck is shipped to the location of the yacht for installation.

• The process is typically concluded with an installation crew coming out to the yacht to vacuum glue the prefabricated deck with high-quality epoxy adhesives.

Refit & Repairs

Scandinavian Teak Deck is situated in Ostrobothnia, Finland where boatbuilding dates back to the 16th century. Still to this day is our region well-known for its many skilled shipbuilders and craftsmen. 

Palma de Mallorca service point

The majority of our deck refittake place in the Mediterranean region. Having a permanent base in Mallorca allows us to take on decking jobs on a very short notice. Please get in contact with Michael Falther to discuss your refit needs. 

About us

Scandinavian Teak Decks vision is to maintain- and strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading yacht decking companies