Vyva Fabrics

Infinity – luxury woven vinyl

Infinity features a unique vinyl foam backing which makes it ideal for use on different types of surfaces. Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl is comfortable, modern, and convenient making it an excellent choice for marine, hospitality, healthcare, wellness, and home use.


Infinity is stain-resistant, making it impervious to petrol, oil spills, or bird feces. It is also easy to clean and dries up quickly.


Infinity is also very durable and sound absorbing, making it an ideal choice for the maritime world.

Marine tuft – indoor and outdoor carpets

Marine Tuft is a unique, stylish, comfortable, and durable indoor and outdoor flooring material. With a maritime look, it is particularly well-suited for use in the leisure boating world.


Marine Tuft products are made of high-quality materials: the UV-, seawater-, and chlorine water -resistant fibers with the permeable Aquabac backing ensure durability in a wide range of applications.


Marine Tuft floor covering is soft for your feet, easy to clean, lightweight, sound absorbing, and heat resistant.


Marine Tuft can be laid either loose or glued. It is suitable for boats, caravans, houses, swimming pools, gardens, conservatories, shops, and event halls.

Nautifloor – lonseal marine flooring

Nautifloor has teak resemblance and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is not only designed for water sports, but can also be used in hotels, restaurants, shops, houses etc.


Unlike vinyl floors with paper or felt backing, Nautifloor is produced with a stable backing that will not tear even in extremely warm or cold temperatures.


Nautifloor is flexible, 100% waterproof and extremely wear-resistant. The material is also stain-resistant and has excellent non-skid properties. It is extremely durable and has high fire-retardant properties (IMO A652).

Softex – water resistant carpet

SOFTEX is a water-resistant carpet which is specially made for the upholstery of walls and flooring in boats and cars. Softex is UV resistant, lightweight, durable, flexible, and easy to clean.

The material is resistant to mold and mildew, and it does not fray.
Softex is simple to cut and can seamlessly be built together in indoor or outdoor use.

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