High performance cork composite marine decking

The given name of the cork oak tree’s bark is Suberose Parenchyma. Cork is highly homogenous and consists almost entirely of cellular membrane which no channels run through. Cork granules are excellent thermal insulators and can reduce heat loss by 36% or lower temperatures by 53%. One of the product’s most exciting use is in space shuttles, where cork is used to manufacture protective heat shields.

Cork tissue is formed from dead cells: each cork cell consists of a minimal quantity of solid materials and a maximum of gaseous materials, essentially atmospheric air but also containing carbon dioxide. One cm3 contains about 40 million cells.


Many naval architects, captains, and owners have been influenced to choose this product due to the extreme high-level comfort of the soft touch when walking or laying on Marinedeck. These qualities are the result of the natural characteristics of cork itself. When exposed to extreme high or low temperatures, Marinedeck remains comfortable – a natural high-tech combination provided by nature.


The only maintenance of the Marinedeck decking material is cleaning it with a MARINEDECK® hand or broomstick deck scrubber and 2 grades of sweeper pads. By using these products and the correct cleansing agents, any deck with Marinedeck can be cleaned easily, effortlessly, and quickly.

FSC certification

Marinedeck cork granules are harvested in accordance with chain custody principles and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) framework.

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